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Interested in starting a new career in IT?

Career opportunities at top companies + exciting IT projects are waiting for you.

  • Free accelerated learning
  • Permanent employment contract at Experis Belgium
  • Our coaches identify the right career path for you

Become an IT support engineer with the Experis Academy in just 5 weeks


Your benefits

  • An intensive training course over 5 weeks where you will be paid as of day 1
  • Permanent employment contract at Experis Belgium as of day 1
  • After successful completion, you have the opportunity to work with top companies
  • Gain IT experience in different technical environments
  • Receive tailor made training journey in line with your ambitions
  • Receive regular follow-up and career advice from your dedicated talent consultant
  • Develop new skills and expand your knowledge on the job


What you bring with you:

  • Your motivation to learn and start a new career
  • Your passion and interest into IT
  • Your strong languages skills in Dutch, French and English
  • Your flexibility and sense for service

You will have this in your skill set after the Experis Academy:

  • Practical hands-on knowledge how to troubleshoot IT issues through fun practical exercises (assembling a laptop, opening up a server, trying to breach a system, resolving basic IT issues, …)
  • Basic knowledge in hardware, networks, virtualization, cloud, systems and IT security on an IT support level
  • Excellent communication skills how to handle users with a customer service-mindset
  • Confidence to start your career in IT as a consultant


   Are you a beginner? We prepare you for a successful IT career!



  • Paid training: You concentrate on further training and we cover your costs
  • No experience needed: Experis Academy offers a training program that reskills non-IT professionals to become junior IT professionals.
  • Secure perspective: You are employed as an IT consultant at Experis and benefit from continuous coaching from our mentors


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Apply now for the Experis Academy


   Are you already experienced? Develop yourself with our support!

Take the next steps in your desired specialty with our Upskilling offer:


  • Upgrade: Deepen your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest developments
  • Reorientation and further development: Pursue a new direction - we support you with words and deeds
  • Individual advice: We will check with you which options you can use with your experience

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Apply now for the Experis Academy

This is what you can expect at the Experis Academy

Certificate team pic Maurice SaadYour feel-good team is waiting for you:
Our Talent Management Team and coaches are happy to guide you through the process.





The training is a nice variation between theoretical and practical experience courses that will give you the confidence to start your career in IT.





community-experis-academy-400x200Expand your practical on-the-job skills at Experis Belgium:
During a specific period, the candidates will be on assignment at our clients and will further develop their IT consultancy competencies.



The 5 main reasons why to start a career in IT:

  • Great challenges: IT offers a lot of variation in terms of job content, career growth and work environment. Technology keeps on evolving and so does your career in IT.
  • Rapid career growth and skills development: You will always have the possibility to further evolve your skills in various IT career directions (towards a technical expertise-, analytical, a project coordination- or a people management domain)
  • Future proof your career with in-demand skills: You continuously gain in-demand skills when you are active in IT. In the current context of business transformation and automation, you will always have a fascinating job. The content of your job will always adapt towards the requirements of the latest technological inventions.
  • Nice salary, extra-legal advantages and work-life balance conditions: Due to the high demand for IT professionals, the salaries, extra-legal advantages package and work-life balance conditions tends to be more attractive in IT in comparison towards other industries.
  • Entry level is easy accessible without a degree: In IT, there are several positions which doesn’t require a minimum bachelor level degree. Anyone with an affinity for IT, great soft skills and an appetite for continuous learning, can start a career in IT. You only need to convince Experis to train you and to convince us to give you the opportunity to start your career in IT.

This is what Experis has to offer you

As part of one of the leading IT service providers, you will work in a team of over 150 IT experts on exciting projects from Experis' international customer network . Whether digital transformation, IT support or the development of digital solutions - with us you program and learn with professionals. Look forward to:

- Attractive remuneration: 
An attractive salary and benefit package awaits you.

- Further development instead of standstill:
future-oriented career paths are open to you and the Experis Academy takes you to a new level with certificates.

- Success is not tied to time and place:
With various remote and time models, you remain relaxed and flexible. 

- Multiplayer among experts:
The team at Experis supports you continuously with experienced mentors.

Apply now to launch your IT career with Experis Academy

Requirements are:
Ontwerp zonder titel-8 No degree or experience in IT needed

Ontwerp zonder titel-8 Affinity for IT and the desire to pursue a career in IT

Ontwerp zonder titel-8 Good knowledge of French, Dutch and English

Simply fill out the form for more information. I will answer your questions and discuss your personal options with you.
We look forward to meeting you!


Christelle Chevalier